OMW200-400 (200kg/h or 400 lb/h) is the result of high technology packed in a very compact powerful piece of equipment to treat medical waste « on site »


The patented technology OMW sterilise with ozone (O3) and after a very efficient shredding, zero emission and very low energy consumption, the medical waste is completely treated.


The carbon footprint of the systems significantly reduced compared to other obsolete technics such as incineration and autoclaves.



OMW 200-400 - a solution for the preservation of the environment


The main problem


incineration and autoclave do not allow the medical industry to keep the employees, patients, as well as the environment being safe toward the contaminated waste.

the legislation has been considerably tightened all over the world in order to address these issues.Especially as medical waste volume is steadily growing and represents 1 to 2kg/bed and day

80% of the medical waste is incinerated, which creates environmental issues

a very limited amount is pretreated, mostly by autoclaves, which does create even more environmental issues with effluents in the waste water and in the air.

 l'OMW 200-400 is the solution