The ultimate durable solution




OMW 200-400

Medical waste treatment by ozone



Operating sequences



1.  bag is loaded in the dumper; less handling, no need for repackaging , or intermediate cooled storage before processing


2. Waste is wogen and forwarded to the shredder. only one operator .


3. shredding reduction in volume of 80 to 90% with a specific calibration according the norm


4. sterilization by introducing of Ozone (O3) and forwarding to the waste container


5. forwarding to the final container



Dim. LxlxH : 6,20m x 2,44m x 3,25m


Treatment capacity per load:

50 Kg ou 500 l / Lot


Treatment capacity per hour : 200 Kg


weight : 6 500 Kg


duration per cycle: 45'


optimal capacity : 200 Kg / h


Shredding calibration : 3,2 mm


 Ozone treatment(O3) :

duration of exposure 45'

Concentration O3 minimal : 1 500 ppm


sterilization performances :

reduction≥ 6 log


 US départment of agriculture (USDA) & plant health inspection service (APHIS)

OZONE – The Better solution

Ozone (O3) the breakthrough Technology : Ozone (O3) is electrically modified Oxygen (O2) of the ambient air. very efficient steriliser for all kinds of bacteria , and with no odors….

reduction of operating costs


Oxygen molecules are

 electrically charged,

splitting some apart.

The split atoms then attach

to remaining oxygen

molecules and form OZONE.

An atom from the

unstable OZONE thensplits

to attack and

destroy pathogens.

After the pathogens cell walls are destroyed, the rogue atoms reattach themselves and return to OXYGEN.

Immediat cost reduction

-less energy consumption

-safety for operators and environment

-conformity to the norm

-tracing and monitoring of the waste

-on going process

Types of waste PROCESSED

• Biohazardous/Infectious (red bag) Waste

• Cultures and stocks of infectious agents and associated biologicals

• Liquid human and animal waste, including blood and blood products and body fluids • Pathological Waste

• Contaminated waste from animals

• Sharps

• Suction Canisters

• Household/Solid waste (i.e. hospital ward or kitchen waste, etc.)